Protesting Oppression With Educational Reform

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about us

POWER was created in the wake of the Spring 2015 student walkout at the last faculty meeting of the 2014–2015 school year to to address the apparent and overwhelming need for increased cultural competency amongst Emerson community members.

fundamentally, we exist to keep our community accountable for issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice.

POWER is overseen by two co-chairs and comprised senators for each of Emerson's academic departments, as well as senators for accessibility and interdisciplinary programs, and two POWER correspondents.

Contact us

Active members

eryn mccallum | jehan ayesha

associate chair
nina khosla

accessibility senator
shruti rajkumar

comedic arts senator

communication sciences and disorders senator
lia kim

communication senators
sonali anand | clarisa carrillo

honors senator
jilly towson

interdisciplinary senator
evonne johnson

international senator
esther liu

journalism senator

visual and media arts senator
dan pereira

writing, literature, and publishing senator
david shird | maxx carr


home⠀⠀⠀about us⠀⠀⠀active members⠀⠀⠀blog