ongoing action by the community

READ: Access Advocacy Project

then read the second edition.
click here for resources compiled by Access SDU.

READ: Black at Emerson

share your experiences here.

READ: Open Letter in Support of SJP & ECSU

if you are an alum, you can add your name to this letter.
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FROM EC: Community Equity Action Plan

the institution's supposed progress tracker in response to the ESOC Week of Action in 2020 and the SDU's 1st Access Advocacy Project in 2021.

about us

our mission statement: through meaningful dialogue, the members of Emerson’s POWER strive to address the apparent and overwhelming need for equal opportunity. we aim to rewrite Emerson’s narrative through inclusion, intersectionality, and cultural competency. we aim to diversify the narrative by bridging gaps for students from marginalized groups. we will amplify the voice of the students through efforts of engagement, as we strive towards a day where protesting oppression with educational reform is no longer necessary.POWER was created in the wake of the Spring 2015 student walkout at the last faculty meeting of the 2014–2015 school year to to address the apparent and overwhelming need for increased cultural competency amongst Emerson community members.fundamentally, we exist to keep our community accountable for issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice.POWER is overseen by two co-chairs and comprised senators for each of Emerson's academic departments, as well as senators for accessibility and interdisciplinary programs, and two POWER of Winter 2022, the organization has become inactive. nevertheless, our members remain steadfast in supporting current and future students.we are available to reach via instagram (@ec_power) and email ([email protected]).

past initiatives

updated 26 april 2024 —
hello! i am a former POWER chair & i am currently in the process of building an archive of student activism at Emerson. while this specific page has only POWER initiatives listed, i'm hoping to expand it to a broader history of student activism.
if you have any media, document, or other information that you would like to contribute, please contact me via POWER's instagram or email!
note: most of the items listed are 'copies' of the original, either because they were compiled and/or edited much later or to protect the originals from being removed. there are no edits to the content itself. only to formatting so it's easier to read ot translate text-to-speech, or adding closed captions.

2015: Am I Emerson?

read the list of demands here.

2017: This Is Emerson.

read the original petition via — PDF version available here.
watch the documentary by Lissa Deonarain and Aliyah Browne via vimeo.

2019: Speak Truth To POWER

a Name Names Initiative — read the student testimonies here.

2020: Emerson Students of Color Week of Action

read the list of demands here with the relevant community care ideas.
watch or read our mission statement.
watch the core organizers' discussions on instagram live — unfortunately, closed captions and transcriptions are not available (yet, hopefully!).

note: ESOC WoA was led collectively by a group of Students of Color including non-POWER members. we do not take sole credit for organizing; for ease of access, much of the available information is most easily found on our platforms.